Fee Rules

1. Tuition Fees will be coLlected in four installments. They are to be deposited as scheduled below:
(i) 1st Quarter : At the time to admission
(ii) 2nd Quarter : On or before l5th July
(iii) 3rd Quarter : On or before 15th October
(iv) 4th Quarter : On or before 15th January
2. These days will be strictly observed. If the payments is not made on time, fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged after the due date.
3. ALL the parents will be sent a quarterLy fee invoice in advance. cleary mentioning the total amount payable and the due date.
4. The fee must be paid quarterly.
5. The parents are requested to come to the schooL personally to pay the fee.
6. In the event that the fee is not paid by the 30th of the month the schooL reserves the right to strike off the chiLd’s name from school.
7. Fee Detail
S.No. class Admission Fee(Annual) Tution Fee(Annual)
(i) 1st class 1500 21960
(i) 1st class 1500 21960
(ii) 2nd class 1500 21960
(iii) 3rd class 1500 21960
(iv) 4th class 1500 21960
(v) 5th class 1500 21960
(vi) 6th class 2000 25100
(vii) 7th class 2000 25100
(viii) 8th class 2000 25100
(ix) 9th class 2500 28500
(x) 10th class 2500 28500
(xi) 11th class 3000 30000
(xii) 12th class 3000 30000